What is it:

Guided lessons that teach you how to stop procrastinating and how to take powerfully aligned action on your biggest dreams. 


Over the 6-week program, you will get video modules that walk you through the steps to uncovering your blocks, accessing unlimited resources, side-stepping negativity, and reaching creative-flow.


As a member, you also are invited to a private Live call each week where Rowan unpacks that week's lesson, answers questions, and leads Hot-Seat coaching (that's a one one one mini-session with the instructor at no additional investment!)


The Modules are:


00   Welcome/Introduction: Defining and Understanding Procrastination

01    How to Find Unlimited Resources

02    Three Mighty Visualization Techniques to Tap into Growth Mindset

03    How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs When They Pop Up

04    Understand What Procrastination is Telling You & Take Action

05    Productivity and Scheduling Tips for Recovering Procrastinators

06    How to Reach Creative Flow


You also recieve materials, tools, templates, and resources each week that compliment the work and lessons.



Who it is for:

  • Full time working mamas with big side-hustle dreams. 
  • You know you're meant for more but you keep pushing off your dreams for one reason or another.
  • You have a to-do list as long as your arm and it never gets any shorter.
  • You need a game-changing strategy and guide to help you create the change you desire.


SPARC: Guided Program