A simple guide to future pacing and callling in your next-level self. This is a four page, easy-to-implement workbook that unpacks "future-pacing" and shows you how to apply it so you can overcome mindset blocks and problem-solve anything that comes your way.


This is my secret weapon, my unfair advantage, the ace up my sleeve. This is a priceless mindset technique that you can use at any stage of personal development. It only gets stronger and more powerful as you train your mind to see abundance and solutions through the exercises in this workbook.


[What's Inside]

  • Future-Pacing 101- One-Sheet taking you through the method step by step
  • A Real-life example about self-coaching with the future-pacing technique
  • Guided Journal Prompts- the Self-Coach Through Anything framework and worksheet.
  • Introduction to Fear Buster Lab and invite to join the Wait List

Self-Coach Through Anything


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