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Your break-through guide to stepping into your power through self-reflection and subtle mind-set shifts. Easy excersies and prompts designed to help you discover your high-vibe center, navigate energy vampires, and restore your body and mind. Walk through the worsheets between your daily task or use them to begin or finish your day.


You will:

  • Discover your triggers and create a plan to manage them.
  • Gain new insight into how you currently interact with your physical, inner, and interpersonal environments.
  • Level up your ability to manage your energy moving forward.




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Push Your Power Button: 3 Prompt Transformation Guide

  • Guide and Worsheet combination designed for you to gain insight in how your environment and people around you are affecting your mood and energy.

    When you have completed the worsheet, you will have a tool in hand that will allow you to side-step the negativity and obtain a higher level of confidence in your day to day interactions.