Enroll in Move Up or Move On, a fone-hour, four-part course that takes you from a stuck and frustrated clock-puncher to a thriving, dynamic, and influential leader.


The entire training takes only one hour and will:

  • completely transform your self-perception

  • exponentially boost your confidence 

  • give you powerful, expressive language to communicate your unique value add 

  • finally answer the question: should you move up or move on?


You’ll receive:

  • 20-page workbook of actionable, easy to follow steps

  • Four training videos to unpack and walk you through each of the development steps (links sent to your Email- please make sure to provide it.)

  • Included in the workbook: a Soft Skill Translator. This covers the top 14 soft skills and how they directly impact your workplace and improve your value add among your team.

Move Up or Move On


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