Your Geotag Might be Draining Your Energy

Updated: May 10

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Have you ever walked into a space and been instantly annoyed? From the mess, to the disorganization, to the lighting… there is nowhere for the eye to rest! It throws you off-focus in a split second and you become distracted and overwhelmed. So much so, that you don’t even want to work and before you know it…procrastination is the word of the day. Or, on the other hand, have you ever entered a space that instantly brings you to a place of clarity and inspiration? The atmosphere of the space makes you feel bright, open, and motivated; like you can take on the world! If any of this is resonating, then you are a highly visual person. You are affected by what you see around you whether for good or bad. I’m raising my hand over here because this is totally me! I discovered this about myself way back in high school. Having awareness has given me the ability to communicate with people around me and make the necessary changes I need to stay high-vibe and stay focused.

In this week’s blog post (PODCAST EPISODE AVAILABLE HERE), we are going to create awareness around what your visual triggers are and how you can begin to switch things up and take control of your spaces, and your life! We will learn to curate spaces that inspire you to CREATE and allow you to REST and recharge. Soon, you’ll be able to power up for your personal and professional life, and gain the confidence for your next big thing. Let’s dive in!


I believe that even if you don’t consider yourself “visually inclined,” it still impacts you. Think about the reveals on any home reno show… museums… galleries...libraries… parks… these attract all kinds of people because of their own environments. Do you need to be an artist to attend? A home designer/decorator? An architect or city planner to appreciate the parks or lines of a building? No. But our spaces are very personal and we draw inspiration from all these different sources. We see something and we feel a connection to it. What things trigger inspiration for you? What things trigger negativity?

When you’re “triggered” it can manifest in several ways.

Some responses include:

  • feeling irritated and overwhelmed

  • drained of energy and productivity

  • aimless tasking

  • turning to habitual vices (like over-snacking, under-eating, over-caffeinating).

Some common types of visual triggers in a space include

  • bad lighting

  • lack of green elements (plants)

  • clutter

  • too many pieces kept for nostalgia’s sake (those pieces can carry negative emotional baggage)

  • an unorganized area, and a lack of natural elements like lighting, plants, and so on.

If you aren’t intentional about identifying what triggers you, you can spend years and years slowly putting the picture together.


You probably already have a starting point for this. You know that when you are in a certain space, you feel better and you are your best self. A good place to start is by simply cleaning. Then do a good purge and only keep things that are useful and make you joyful (KonMari style)! If your happy space includes collections or lots of “treasures” think about what storage solutions you can use that organize while still keeping those happy moments accessible.

I know a cluttered, maybe even ugly (gasp!) room can make you feel overwhelmed (which is why you want to change it of course). So, I’ve created a really great tool you can use as a springboard to prompt intentional thought and awareness around visual stimuli. My FREE Transformational Guidebook walks you through what exactly about your space contributions or drains your energy with some pointed questions to get the process started. There’s also a tracker to help you determine what factors in those spaces are your emotional and mental triggers. Next, is a section for reflection where you can journal the takeaways. By the end of the first page, you will have essentially geotagged energy-draining places and be aware of why they have become low-energy for you.


It is possible to create your dream space without spending loads of money or relocating. You start small and allow for growth. Begin with less. Literally. Organize, edit, donate, and keep only things that really make you happy. Eliminate all that makes you mad, drains you, makes you less yourself. Add in things that inspire you and build in time to feed your soul with creativity and passions.

Another great tool is Pinterest. I love creating Pinterest Boards… this is a great place to digitally dream as big as you want. When you’re done pinning to your board you can take a global look at it and begin to see patterns, themes, and similarities that offer direction for you. So maybe what makes you really inspired is a well organized space, so you use the spyglass to start a search for small office organization, bathroom organization, DIY projects, make-up and skincare organization, and so on. Maybe you’re inspired to meet the day after a wonderfully balanced morning routine, so you’ll search out coffee or tea recipes, great pre-made oatmeal recipes, morning yoga flows, guided meditations, or great books. If you get really fired-up about clean eating or eco-friendly alternatives, you search for things related to locally grown and sustainable food sources, desserts with sugar alternatives, beeswax paper (an alternative to plastic wrap), bento box meals, biodegradable straws, and so on. Although, we are focused just on the visual elements of your world, the human contribution is critical. If you’re a people-person and you feel energized by spending time with friends and family, take the opportunity to pin ideas on gatherings, entertaining, hosting, free group activities and then share them with your friends and family. Circle a date on the calendar and go!

It would mean so much to me to see you in your space while you're doing this growth work! Take a pic for your Stories, tag me @rowanvollmer, and tell me what your space has in it that lights you up!


Remember that your visual space holds a crucial place in you achieving your goals. You want to keep your motivation and inspiration at the forefront, and maintain balance in your energy. Figure out your triggers and what inspires you with the Transformational Guidebook (you can find it at Then begin! Make the changes necessary to drive you forward in your life, side hustle, business, or whatever your next big thing happens to be!

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