What To Do When You Feel Like You've Reached Your Potential

If you think you're nothing special and you've reached your upper limit, hang on a second...

Have you ever experienced something like this?


The other day I received a jolt of inspirations and I quickly scrawled out a note and pushed it to the back of the desk. I didn’t mean for anyone to see it, I just wanted to write it down before the thought left my head. A colleague happened to see it a little later and she turned to me and in total confusion, asked me to explain it.

Now, what I scribbled down doesn’t matter. Let’s just say it was a concept around interpersonal communication that, for me, it made total sense. It was something that we all learn in kindergarten but then forget as we get older and gain more responsibility.

It really caught me off guard when she asked about it. It was like she was asking me to explain why it’s a good idea to be kind to people. The sentence I’d jotted down was, to me, self-explanatory and basic. But to her, the concept was Greek.

Even after I explained what I meant, as slowly and as clearly as I could, she still didn't understand. Instead of asking clarifying questions, she got defensive and started trying to disprove the new information.

That’s not true because I…” she dismissed immediately. I attempted to restate it, explain it, and make parallels I thought she’d recognize. But I was up against years of embedded neural pathways formed by her own experiences plus her unwillingness to be open to other ways of thinking.

Where there is ease for you and resistance for others, there is a hint at your super power.

If you've ever experienced this where you have an understanding of a concept, especially an abstract one, and then you discover somebody that just doesn't *get it* or is super resistant to it, that's an indication you have stumbled on your own unique ability or skill set. You understand something so fundamentally and thoroughly but others find it foreign.

When you think that you’ve reached your potential, you’re nothing special, and anyone else could do what you do, these moments are what you become aware of. You are brushing up against your unique strengths, wisdoms, and understandings. They are completely unique to you because they are formed by your experiences, learnings, and perceptions. You’ve taken time to think about them in a way that no one else ever has.

You’ve been given the gift of understanding in a particular area. Not everyone understands it as you do. Because you’re able to grasp this concept, you can then turn that into insight for others that struggle with it.

So before you start down the dark path of thinking you’re not enough or a dime a dozen, take a beat. You’re actually missing the best part. Sure, you probably have a job that requires hard skills that anyone can be trainined to do. But what no one else has is your exact story and perceptions.

That is what makes you unique and special. That is what makes you a unicorn. But you won’t feel that magic unless you dig deep and do the work that it takes to discover what it is that makes you different. Understanding your strengths is what will help you push you passed your upper limit.

Everyone encounters glass ceilings sometimes. When it happens to you and you begin feeling that hopelessness and depression sinking in, invite it to walk on by. You’re not interested. You’re busy tapping into your hidden light.

Discover what it is that makes you different and how you can stand out in a crowd by grabbing your free Soft Skills Translator. Sometimes you have a deep pull towards something bigger but you can’t quite figure out what it is. Or other times you feel, that despite your work ethic, you’re just *not fitting in.* That is because you’re wired differently than others and you have soft skills that aren’t being utilized.

Here’s what to do next:

Download the Soft Skill Translator and learn how they impact you and others.

Honor Who You Are

This is where the magic happens. The more you learn about yourself and how you impact those around you, the more confident you become. I have found that as an added bonus to doing this work. You become magnetic and charismatic, charming and productive.

Honoring who you are means that you show up in bigger ways, you contribute more and at a higher level. It also means that you acknowledge and honor your areas of opportunity. When things aren’t in your wheelhouse, you feel empowered to delegate it to someone who thrives in that area. Instead of fear, jealousy, and competition, there is a spirit of collaboration and trust. Everyone benefits.


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