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Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Bullies, stutters, and overcoming confidence issues. A history.

Hello everyone! I am so happy to meet you. We are going to get into some pretty deep stuff in this series and I can’t wait to get started, but first I think it is only fair to introduce myself to you!

I am Rowan Woolsey and I’m a wife and mama (2 kiddos and one sweet and hyper Schnoodle), a film and TV aficionado, chocolate enthusiast, long-time writer, and perhaps the only person you’ve met who doesn’t have a favorite color… (Spoilers: it's a total mood-dependant choice).

Hold your breath, it’s about to get heavy...

Going way back to my early childhood years, I can remember being bullied, and because of that, I was a loner. Whether teachers saw and ignored it or simply didn’t believe me, I still have no idea. I do know that I developed a debilitating stutter out of the terror of the verbal and emotional abuse I’d incur simply by speaking. I had no self confidence and the only thing I was proud of were my grades, which I shared only with my parents.

There were moments in my life that began to develop my self confidence; specific devices, events, and choices that helped me build my self worth and courage. It was an ongoing battle but eventually I was able to step out into my own power.

I got to be nurtured my amazing, dynamic professionals often 15+ my senior.

I carved out my own position at a hotel where I built out a departement and 5x’d revenue inside one year.

I was flown on someone else’s dime all over the country to train in leadership masterminds.I moved into Retail where I opened a store with the 2nd best opening in the Region. Continuing in Retail, I was able to develop a team of 25 women teaching leadership and customer service.

Finding value in yourself can be the hardest internal battle you’ll ever fight, but it is my mission to hold a mirror up for women to show them how incredible they actually are. During this series, we are going to explore the methods, devices, tips and tricks I use every day to assume a posture of confidence and what it takes to push the power button in your own life.

Power Button Life will drop a blog post every week, right here, and a Podcast episode where we really get to explore self-empowerment practices, positive and balanced energy, the home-life teeter-totter, abundance mindset techniques and so much more. This is a place for women who are ready for more and who want fill their own cup so they can then fill another.

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