The Divine Download: Invincibility Formula Series

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

My confidence, clarity, feelings of warmth, calm, generosity, and creativity all start with a surrender to something greater than myself.

I find my identity in God. Others call this the Universe or through the experience of Energy. It’s like I’m a compass and I receive my heading from the true North. I can’t calibrate myself. That would send me in circles. My needle points outward, forward, always in the right direction.

There have been times when I’ve tried to ignore the needle and I end up lost, confused, frustrated, sad, and all the other things. There are times I believe that I am okay without True North, that I will find my way just fine and I put the compass away (meaning, I don’t take time to pray, journal, meditate, talk things out.) Those have been the saddest times for me.

When I end up in that really dark, snaggly bit of forest Snow White found herself in when she ran away from the Huntsman, I finally remember I have my compass. I take it out, sit down on a log and watch the needle keep a steady line no matter how I turn the round piece of metal and glass.

Soon, I start feeling better, more confident, determined, happier and brighter. I’m ready to start my journey again.

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That’s kind of how I feel coming back to God after a time away. I get busy. I forget to start and end my day in prayer sometimes. I forget to check-in and receive. Before I know it, I’m in a place I don’t want to be, usually manifesting as some nasty stress-related habits like yelling at my kids or feeling hopeless. But the wonderful and redeeming thing about this is that as soon as you realize where you are, you can choose to not be there. You disappear out of the nightmare forest and reappear on the clear path.

When I am on this clear path, I can sprint. I can do cartwheels. I can fly.

So what exactly is a “Divine Download” and what does it do?

A divine download is an epiphany, breakthrough, or (the one I resonate with the most) your soul wisdom. If you grew up in the Church, you are very familiar with the term “answered prayer.” It is wisdom you receive from God or the Universe. It may help you solve a problem, have a different perspective, or achieve a realization.

The term “soul wisdom” really speaks to me because it shows how personal the divine download is. It is a divine Truth that was crafted for only and solely you to know and understand.

It speaks right to your soul. It is a message just for you from the Universe. Even if the wisdom is meant to be shared it was written for only your soul first.

Just for fun, here are more synonyms for Divine Download:

Which ones have you heard?

  • Epiphany

  • Ah-ha moment

  • Breakthrough

  • Realization

  • Illumination

  • Enlightenment

  • Discovery

  • Revelation

  • Soul Wisdom

  • Answered Prayer

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What does the divine download do for you?

I’m going to write this as if you and I were sitting across from each other at a cozy cafe, the ceramic of a tiny espresso cup clinking on a saucer at the next table, the chatter of the baristas behind the butcher block counter.

I have put it as the first component in the Invincibility Formula because when your Identity comes from something greater than yourself, you begin to understand your part in the whole. You gain insight and perspective you otherwise wouldn’t have.

It is the catalyst for putting yourself into your Flow State, tapping into your super creativity that comes with ease and speed. It is the foundation of clarity and the seat of motivation.

Because it is specifically created for you to work within and through your life, the Divine Download always aligns with your identity, purpose, calling, passion.

If you receive Wisdom that disagrees with you, then you (not the Wisdom) are out of alignment.

You cannot force an ah-ha moment, but you can help it along with work, journaling, prayer, meditation, and listening. You might receive one divine download or several. You don’t need a new one each day and you may not receive a new one each day. This is totally okay. The formula works regardless if the Divine Download is new or not.

The most important thing is to be willing to listen for them and ready to ask yourself how you can apply it in your life. This is where becoming emotionally Invincible begins. I could probably get very granular here and I could talk about the differences and nuances of the Divine Download, Breakthroughs, Answered Prayer, and more, but I won’t.

For the purposes of introducing this concept as a part of the overall Invincibility Formula, it is enough that you simply seek guidance outside yourself and be receptive to what it offers.

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