Introducing the Invincibility Formula

Welcome to a brand new series! Have you ever been in an amazing mood where nothing can bring you down? You feel invincible and vibrant, and exactly like you? This is your most aligned emotional and spiritual place. How to reach alignment can be elusive if you are unfamiliar with the language or steps, so I’m demystifying it in this series!

I’m so excited and honored to introduce the Invincibility Formula!

Firing on All Cylinders

This is the process I have used to:

  • eliminate self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, and worry

  • honor and appreciate my own talents, gifts, and unique abilities

  • gain wisdom and perspective even in tense situations

  • become the voice of reason and calm for those around me

  • feel clear, centered, and joyful no matter what’s going on

  • have magnetic energy (I’ve had multiple competing job offers, welcomed new clients out of the blue, had personal breakthroughs, and more)

  • feel so abundant that I tap into my flow state, generosity, and creativity

Inside we will unpack all the components of living in alignment, having an unbreakable spirit (that can’t-bring-me-down mood) that will allow you to live more abundantly and joyfully.

Personal Story

The most indelible moments when I’ve been in my Invincible state are the times when I’ve felt empowered and untouchable, especially with people who would normally intimidate me. (For me, those people are bosses and older men.) When I am around people who have traditionally been authority figures in my life, a whole other persona emerges.

I defer everything, never challenge and I certainly never give much value add to a conversation.

Well, that is unless I’m feeling Invincible.

I’ve been working on self-appreciation and understanding myself for the last few years. This worked to my advantage during a job interview for a company I really admired. Going in to meet with the boss, I was excited but not nervous. I approached the interview from the place of allowing. If I was invited to join the team, I wanted them to know exactly what they were getting in me and I wanted to know that I would be a genuine fit. You can’t know that if you’re guarded and giving *perfect* answers.

We got to that part in the interview where they ask you to describe yourself in three words.

I thought Buckle up, buttercup. You asked for it!

Normal people say they’re a perfectionist, punctual, team-player… But not me.

I said:

  • I’m the grout of the team… I see gaps and opportunities so I create systems to fix them.

  • I’m a human jasmine candle… I’m usually the most calming presence on the team, keeping everything in perspective.

  • I’m Seabiscuit (yup, the racehorse)... I do my very best if you put me on a team with another high achiever.

She was so delighted with my answer she brought over other members of the team to meet me and I’d been booked for another interview with her boss and another regional leader. Sure, my answers were probably more entertaining than the average, but I believe the reason I advanced was because I could tell her exactly who I was and she could immediately understand the value add for her team.

There have been other moments just like this. When I’m using the Invincibility Formula, I feel the most in tune with myself, my purpose, my talents.

It also has to do with the alchemy of not spending energy on things that are outside of your control, tapping into the wisdom of God (or the Universe) and knowing that you have options.

These are all components of the Formula, each one will get a dedicated post and supporting resources.


If you’re reading this, I am inviting you to follow this series. You’re meant for more, you have untapped potential, you are unique and wonderfully made. You are trying to do #allthethings, juggling work, and passion projects, a side-hustle, the house, the fam, friends, and family. I get it!

I want to give you a system to tune into your nature, become aligned with your true purpose, so you can feel abundant and joyful now (not a year from now, not five or ten years from now.)

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