How to Set Up Your 90-Day Planner

I like to break down big goals into chunks. And those chunks are by quarter, or 90-days. I find that breaking a gigantic goal into four smaller, easier-to-do tasks makes the whole process more fun, easier, and completely side-steps the overwhelm.

Let’s walk through how to plan your first 90-days to get you 25% closer to that dreamy life of yours in 90 days.

Step One:

Know Your Big Juicy Goal.

If you need help with this, I have a free Workbook Planner that you can download with video tutorials that walk you through visualizing your ideal life, aligning on your priorities, how to deal with setbacks, and even how to pool all the resources you possibly can to fuel your progress.

Click here for the Beautiful Life Workbook Planner.

Step Two:

Break it Into Four Chunks.

What are the four biggest needle-movers that get you closer to that goal. Be careful of adding extra projects here--things that are “nice” but don’t actually impact your journey. Keep it streamlined and to the critical tasks in this step!

Ask: What, when done, guarantees that I achieve this goal?

Whatever your answer is, that is your 90-day project.

Step Three:

Determine Your Scope and Resources.

How much time are you devoting to this? Do you have friends/family to watch the kids? Can you hire a babysitter for 2 hours a week? Do you have connections that you can pull to help? What are the financial and physical resources you already have access to?

Remember that you have access to wells of determination and creativity. When a challenge pops up, that’s when you flex those personal resources. Those types of attributes are stronger than the money and things you could possibly have.

I have a tutorial on how to take a complete personal resource inventory inside The Alchemy of Joy. This is my free workshop that allows you to get aligned on your purpose, starting with your Core Values and Identity. Lesson Four is all about pooling your resources and leveraging them so you can achieve anything!

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Step Four:

Break Chunk One into Three Mini-Tasks

Unless you’ve got a team and lots of resources that allow you to add bells and whistles, keep it really simple!

I like to write my mini-tasks list and then review it for anything I can delete or delegate. When you’ve edited the list, you will have your 90 Day Project broken down into three smaller projects. Assign those to the three months of the 90-day period.

Step Five:

Break the Month into Weekly To-Dos.

Did I say “keep it simple” yet? We are getting really granular here, so remember not to put too much on your plate.