How to Mind Map a Goal

Mind mapping a goal is an organic process that breaks your central goal into projects, concepts, or ideas.

This method is perfect for the early or brainstorming stages of the goal mapping process. It is also helpful if you’re trying to sort out components of a goal and determine which are the most important and which can be deleted or delegated.

Supplies You Need:

  • Writing Utensil

  • Notebook or piece of paper

I really do recommend pen and paper versus doing this on a computer. There is something about the act of writing that is different from typing and allows the mind to flow and create in an easy way.

Step One:

Write Your Central Goal

Step Two:

Branching out from the center, braindump all the supporting projects and concepts.

Step Three:

Create smaller tasks, projects, and ideas that nest beyond the second layer.

You’ll begin to see a spiderweb of concepts form. Some pods might connect to one another. Draw a dotted line to connect the ones that do.

After your mind mapping session, you can review and refine your ideas into lists, calendars, and so on.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind: