How to Find Free Time, even with a Full-Time Job and Family

How to Always Have Free Time, Even with a Full-Time Job and Family

Most side-hustlers I know are hard workers, high-achievers, and generally “productive” people. They have one setting: go!

But where I see the downside is in the burnout, the overwhelm, and the “spinning your wheels” thing that happens when you do nothing but “go.”

What I think most of them miss, (including myself here too!) is the critical-to-growth moments of rest.

Key Takeaway

Rest is when big ideas happen.

Rest is when your body and mind regenerate.

Rest is when you can fully live in your “why.”

I’m not gonna lie, I spent years… YEARS… grinding and hustling. It was within the last couple of years, that when I looked up, and saw I wasn’t any closer to my goals, I began to wonder what the heck I’d been doing all this time.

It was time I stopped. I put the breaks on. All my work went dormant and I began a season of reflection, personal growth, and study. In the peace and quiet, I gathered up what I knew about myself, my dreams, and passions and began asking myself deep questions.

On the front porch rocking chair, 99 years old, what are you happy you did?

What are you sad you didn’t do?

My mind began to knit together the dream during the stillness. Now that I had a fuzzy idea of what I wanted, it was time to start doing again.

Marie Forleo says that clarity comes through action, not thinking.

So, so true. Through just picking a direction and heading out, I refined my goals and dreams. I was honest and admitted to myself that having time to do nothing with the people I love is a top priority. Once I saw that, decisions were infinitely easier to make. Priorities became obvious. I stopped taking on more than I needed to.

I was free. My time was time own. Cutting away all the extra “stuff” was like coming out of thick, brambly woods into a shaded clearing.

The bottom line is, I could give you a step-by-step guide to having free time, but it isn’t the most important component here. The most paramount step is to understand yourself and what you hold most sacred. When you know that, the rest is obvious.

Unearthing your “why” can be a difficult task. I should know. I’ve spent years, downloaded every free resource on the planet, and spent over $5k on help to determine my “why.”

That’s why I lovingly created The Beautiful Life Workbook Planner. It is a free-to-you planner that allows you to plan to do less, live inside your vision board, and puts you on your personally-defined path to success.

Once you figure out what you want, then everything else is what you don’t want. You can release things that you’re doing out of guilt, obligation, or expectation, leaving you hours of free time. And you get to fill that with whatever you like!

Fill that time with writing, friends, photography, baking, website shop building, designing and decorating rooms, landscaping, nail art, volunteering...Whatever you want.

The secret sauce is to drill down to your ultimate goal: what will you be happy you at least tried when you’re 99 on that rocking chair. And then cut out everything else keeping you from it. The rocking chair is there, in the future. Let’s create memories to be proud of.

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