How to Feel Emotionally Invincible

The “O” in the Invincibility formula stands for Options. Understanding you have choices and alternatives in abundance totally transforms your perception of your own potential. This one, on the surface, might seem basic. But it goes deep and the wisdom of this one is profound if you’re ready for it.

This isn’t about knowing you have the choice of where to eat tonight or choices in your media consumption (although that can certainly be a part of this.) It is about a true, deep understanding that there is a world of enough out there. Everyone is invited. You are worthy to receive what the Universe has in store for you.

Choosing More

Having more in life is just about perspective. Here, “more” means you understand that there are options in everything. From the spectrum of emotions and beliefs, you have to the resources available, to the solutions and lessons that you may receive.

When you’re faced with an event that may seem negative on the face of it, you are likely programmed to react negatively… you’ll become frustrated, upset, angry, tense. However, when you realize there is an entire spectrum of emotions and possibilities, you can look at the situation objectively, without emotion (like Vulcans [any Trekkies here?]) and see lessons and opportunities instead of limitations.

You have renewable resources

Choosing more also means to come to the understanding that you are provided for. The universe has endowed you with resources to meet this challenge. Resources for you are also renewable. A lot of my stress and anxiety a few years ago was because I believed resources were finite: my job was the only job I could get, the money in my bank account was the only money I’d see until next paycheck, the food I had was the only food I had. The idea was pervasive and stretched through my whole outlook on life.

I thought I had to work harder, longer, and put up with more than anyone else to get ahead. Thankfully, I started to see there was more out there, a more abundant way of living and thinking and dreaming.

Empowered to be Me

When I realized there are options out there, that were was more where that came from, so to speak, doors opened up for me.

I remember when I suddenly lost my job (this was before COVID-19 shut down the planet). My boss called me up while I was on vacation and said that my job title was eliminated company-wide. I was let go, effective immediately.

Now, he offered me another position, a serious pay cut and less responsibility. I want to paint this picture for you: I have two beautiful tinies (that’s what I call my kids), a hubby that is stay-at-home dad, and a doggo. I am the sole provider and this was my only job. This was our livelihood, our health insurance, everything.

So when he said I could still remain employed, you could understand the temptation. I could take it and at least I would be receiving some kind of income. But I took a deep breath and knew that this was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

I said no.

The offer did not line up with my plan or vision. I walked away from the only source of income my family had and I felt 100% okay with that. Total peace. That sort of calm wouldn’t have happened 2 years before. It was through lots and lots of personal growth work, reflection, and learning. What I realize now looking back is that I was able to make a completely aligned decision. I was able to remain true to myself, my values, and my dreams.

I knew that job wasn’t the only thing for me. I understood that there are other things I could do to occupy my time, be helpful, that were better aligned with my calling.

There are many, many other areas that this can apply to. More than I have time to unpack in a short blog post. The big takeaway is that when you release yourself from feeling stuck and like there aren’t options for you, your mind starts firing on all cylinders. Your mind wants to find answers, close loops, and come up with solutions for you. When you start getting curious and asking what else, magical things start to happen.

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