I see you, mama. I know you hold a universe in your soul.

You are meant to do crazy, amazing things in this life.

And you've already got a lot to do... So how do you find the time, get focused, and make big moves?

Masterclasses that are specifically designed teach you how to self-coach through limiting beliefs, create focus and clarity around your ideal life, and the tools and systems needed to go after it.

Each class is consumable and short (around 10 minutes) and actionable, meaning you can get in, do the work, and keep on rolling.


No matter how you want to consume your content, you're covered!

Each masterclass has:

video training

transcript and/or worksheets

audio recording


Having the information is all well and good, but how do you know you can understand and implement all the goodness?

Rowan goes LIVE in the members' only Facebook Group to offer guidance through the monthly trainings. This gives you additional support and training to reach a new level of confidence, clarity, and joy.

During the program, members hop onto a group sesh twice a month. They participate in the chat, to cheer on and challenge each other to grow.


When you're learning something new, how important is one on one time with your coach?

Imagine you're in class (that's your live group coaching) and then you raise your hand. That one on one attention you get from your instructor is a HOT SEAT.

It's priceless time with a mentor to personally coach you and challenge you to grow and develop, give insights beyond your sightlines, and motivate you into action.

You have access to a Hot Seat (or two) when you are a member. Simply apply so Rowan can prepare for your question ahead of time.


"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."


"You can't do epic stuff with basic people."


"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."


Who you hang out with has a huge impact on how far you can go, how big you dream, and how brave you are.

When you're on a journey to big impact, change, and freedom, you need an elevated inner circle. People that get it, who are in the same fight as you.

That's where your membership in Power Players comes in. Welcome. You just found your tribe.


Six-month membership that will push you out of your comfort zone. 

You gain clarity, confidence, and motivation to reach for your next level self.

Masterclasses, live coaching, hot seats, and an elevated community.

This option is Pay in Full which gives you access to an additional training completely free.

1x $347



The Sparkler Member has access to the same amazing masterclasses, coaching, hot seats, and community Transformers do, with the exception of the Bonus Training received for payment in full.

Experience clarity, confidence, and motivation like never before as a Sparkler with the option to break the investment into six parts, once a month over the course of the program.

6x $59.99



Hey, I completely get it. I remember feeling very guilty about even entertaining the idea of getting help with my business. Let alone paying for that help.

I come from a working, middle-class family in the Midwest. My people have always worked hard for what they've got and never sought out professionals to help them along.

We did it on our own.

So why would I spend my family's money on me? On a dream? On a maybe?

Finally, I had a revelation. What if my passions weren't there to distract me? What if my passions were gifts given to me to make a difference in the world? What if my dreams where inspired by a bigger purpose? What if I was stealing from my friends and loved ones by not allowing this side of me out? What if I was cheating myself out of my life's purpose by ignoring my dreams?

That's when I decided to pull out my card for my first book purchase. That was the first investment in my life-long pursuit of growth and learning.

I'm so happy that I did. I wouldn't be this version of myself if I didn't accept the challenge and invest in my own future.

This membership is for you if you are ready for the next step; if you are looking to be challenged; if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Learning only takes you so far. No one is going to be as invested in your future as you are. You have to take control and decide you are worth it.

If you still have Q's, I've got A's. Please tap the button to schedule a call with me. We'll find out together if this is a good fit for you.

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