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hi again.

Podcaster. Confidence Coach. Sister from another mister.

I am so thrilled you found the Power Button Life Podcast. A little bit about me... when I was little, I had a bad stutter brought on my intense bullying. A change in environment, the people I surrounded myself with, and serving others brought me more and more confidence. I went from not being able to speak to people to loving theatre and public speaking.


I have come a long way, always leading from the heart. 


Going from the bullied kid to a world-traveling maven and leader of a multi-million dollar companies has taught me so much about how simply standing up straight, eye contact, a hot-red shade of lipstick can do.


Each podcast episode is part confessional, part testimonial, part strategy. All empowering. So, turn up the volume and lean in for your power button moment!

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