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Writer. Self-worth advocate. Sweetly irreverent.

I am so thrilled you found the Power Button Life Podcast. So we aren't total strangers, here's a bit about me...


I had a bad stutter brought on my intense bullying from age 6 to 18. A change in the environment, creating loving boundaries, and a connection to something bigger than myself completely shifted my mindset.


I went from not being able to speak to people to loving theatre and public speaking. My self-confidence and self-worth began to heal.


I'm a huge personal growth nerd. It's a passion of mine to live in alignment, find joy, and be the best version of myself.

My mission is to bring clarity, encouragement, and the spark of inspiration to you. You multi-faceted, dynamic, creative, mama juggling all. the. things!

On the blog and in the shop you'll find mindset exercises, actionable workbooks, and gold-nugget encouragement designed specifically you can live your most fulfilling life by your own rules.

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